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Originally published on The Shriver Report – March 12, 2014 

Like most people, I have experienced my share of life transitions, some more jarring than others. One in particular stands out as the catalyst to which my idea to write Prince Not So Charming® came about.

For many of us, we grow up believing one day we will find our prince and live happily ever after—but then dreams turn into reality, and we end up making rather unwise choices. In my case, despite my education and professional achievements, I did exactly that. My professional credentials failed to provide the skills I needed to find the right mate.

My parents did not provide solid marital role models. Although they stayed together until my mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 35, they didn’t have a fairytale marriage. My father was not the best husband or father, and after my mom died, he seemed to give up on life, and passed away five years later. Given my experience, it is not surprising that I did not choose wisely in my own personal life… [READ MORE AT THE SHRIVER REPORT]